Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 16 of F to F and the MQG meeting

Last night six ladies arrived for the monthly MQG meeting. The first activity was me showing the ladies how to make a facing style binding. I had the binding sewn on the first of the two F to F pieces except for one corner. I wanted to show them how I sewed the binding at the corner. Next was a demo on the understitching and then trimming the corners. I turned the corner right side out and showed how to press the binding to the backside of the quilt and ease the corner into shape. Here is the pressed corner

Next I showed the ladies how to sew a circle. We had scissors, freezer paper, and glue sticks a flyin'! I showed how to sew the circle and then several of the ladies sat down at the machines - yes, I had both 1475s set up and ready to go - and sewed their circles. They did a great job! I forgot to get my camera out until the last minute so I only have shots of mine and a mother and daughter's blocks. I learned how to do this from Simply Quilts.
The back after I trimmed it

Show and tell went fast at it was approaching 8 p.m. and two of the ladies needed to leave. I didn't get pictures of two impressive pieces that were shown - a small challenge quilt that was inspired by the colors in the packaging for peanut M&Ms (you can see it on the Aug. 21st post), and an improv pieced quilt top. The quilt top blocks were made using the techniques I had shown the group some time ago and the fabric was hand dyes I had made and sold to this lady. I know she will bring the quilt back so I will get a picture of it then.

The one member brought her daughter and she showed some of the fabric she had printed in college. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and is now looking for a job. Here website is Here are some of the fabrics

I was up at 5 a.m. so I went to the studio to work. I finished up the trimming and machine sewing on the first F to F piece. I pressed and pinned the binding so all I need to do is the hand stitching. I also got the binding sewn and pressed the for second piece.

At lunch today I will try and get the quilting done on the second piece so after work I can sew on the binding. I need to post the pictures tomorrow.


snarkyquilter said...


I wish I had seen Heinke's daughter's fabrics. I've been getting into fabric printing and I can see I have a long ways to go. Good luck on getting your F@F pieces done. They should go for at least one of them.

QuiltSwissy said...

Sounds ike a great meeting! I love those fabrics What a great talent to have in a daughter. Must talk to mine........