Monday, July 7, 2014

Sewing and the Tour de France.

What a busy weekend! I took Thursday off to get a early start on the weekend. I worked on the ocean quilt on Thursday and Friday. I can't believe how long it took to get the last five rows sewn on, sewing together the back and getting it pin basted. For the back I bought this palm tree print. I got a great deal on it. I wanted to match up the design and I was pleased how it came out. Once it is quilted I think you will have a hard time seeing the seam. The two strips of this fabric wasn't quite wide enough so I did add a pieced strip using leftover pieces from the front.

I have the sky section quilted. I am going to quilt each section differently.

Saturday was the start of the Tour de France. I was up for the 6 am start and while I watched I sewed the blocks together for orange and green Halloween quilt.

After I got that done I pressed and cut the pieces for the purple and gray Halloween quilt. Here are the blocks staged and some that I got sewn together on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Mark Cavendish hit the floor a few yards from the finish line(see the rider in wearing red leaning toward the right in the center of the picture? Cavendish is on the ground to the left). All the sprinters were battling for the stage win.

And here he is in pain

His support staff got him back on his bike so he could cross the finish line just in case he could continue the tour the next day. But he broke his collar bone and is out. Mark is the best pure sprinter right now.

On Sunday I worked on the rest of the gray and purple quilt while I watched the tour. It started again at 6 am so no sleeping in for me! I didn't get all the blocks done while the tour was on, but once I got started I just couldn't quit so I spent most of the afternoon finishing the blocks.

My favorite rider, Peter Sagan, I now the holder of two jerseys - the green one for the most sprint points

and the white jersey for the best young rider

Tomorrow I will catch you up on the weeding that happened this weekend. What a mess.


QuiltSwissy said...

Oh sounds like the weeds might have won! I saw the tour was going on and thought about you watching it. Poor guy, that does hurt with every other part you move!

But I do love both of your Halloween quilts!, they are fabulous! Are they gown to the same house?

Vicki W said...

You made a lot of progress and I love that purple and gray quilt!