Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One of those weeks

My evenings have been taken up with stuff. Last night I had to get a perm, tonight I have to sit at my brother's house and wait for the gas man, tomorrow night I work at the art museum - that means no sewing is happening. Darn! I am taking tomorrow off and once I get home from the art museum tomorrow night I am not leaving the house until I go back to work on Monday.

This morning when I got up I saw a deer sleeping in the front yard! I open the curtain to take her picture and she got up. I needed to take the trash bin out to the curb and even when I opened the front door she didn't move. I yelled at her to shoo and she looked at me like "what?". I kept telling her to get and she finally went to the back yard.

About 30 minutes later she was back in the front yard. Here she was heading over to check out what the neighbors had for her breakfast. What a stare!

This weekend I plan on getting a big dent done on the ocean quilt. I also want to get started on vests for my nephew. Here is the fabric my sister-in-law gave me Saturday for the vests. The vests will be lined and I have to make fringe for them. I can't remember how long the last one took me to make. I will get faster the more I make.

I checked out my zinnias and I now see flower buds! Yeah! Oh, don't look at the weeds. I guess I need to add a bit of weeding to my list this weekend.

Have a safe and happy 4th!


Vicki W said...

Don't get carried away with weeding. You deserve sewing time!

Exuberant Color said...

A little weeding each day and then go sew.

QuiltSwissy said...

you probably have said this before, so deer don't like zinnias?

We have a deer, well obviously more than one, every other year she has a babe in tow. I think she comes at night to the back of my property. First the Swissys and now the Bassets go way in the back and just stare. No body ever barks though.

We also have a peacock back there! LOL he stands in the road and stops the cars by opening his huge tail!