Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life at warp speed

Well, that is what it feels like these days. I got a call yesterday morning that the tree removal company was going to be at my brother's house at 2 pm to take down the tree. I decided to take a half days vacation so I could be there. I took stuff over for my lunch and sat there on his front porch since the house was hot. I brought my computer and worked on balancing my check book and updating my stash spreadsheet. So here are some pictures of the tree removal.

They will sent a different crew to grind out the stump. I am so glad this is done.

I got home about 3:40 and was beat, because I had stood in 92 degree heat for the tree removal. I sat a bit and then rewound my tape to watch Stage 5 of the tour. I was raining and they had 9 sections of cobbles schedule in the day's route. The cobblestone sections are farm paths. Two sections of the cobblestones were flooded so the organizers change the race route, but there was standing water along the other 7 section and it was muddy! Here are the riders nice and clean waiting at the start

Standing water

The dirty boys at the end of the race

And here is the king of the mountains all cleaned up receiving his new jersey for still be the leader in the king of the mountain competition

Peter Sagan is still the sprint point and best young rider leader. The fellow yesterday, Froome, that had crashed, well on Stage 5 he crashed again on his left side and then crashed again on his right side. That did him in and he had to abandon. There were so many crashes yesterday I couldn't count them all. The roads were like riding on ice and they had the tire pressure very high so it would be easier to ride over the cobble section, but it made it hard to keep the bikes upright on the regular pavement. There are going to be a lot of sore riders today.

While I watched the tour I sewed together the purple and gray quilt blocks.

This morning I had some time before I needed to head to work so I got started on the next section of the ocean quilt. I am taking a cue from Angela Walters and added bubbles to my swirls. This seemed appropriate for the ocean part of the quilt.

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