Monday, July 21, 2014

Done & 3 of 5 done!

Friday night I got to work and made the three smaller equipment covers.

Saturday morning while I watched the tour and made the fourth cover. The hook and loop tape arrived on Friday. Yeah! This cover was 31" x 31" x 43" high with hook and loop tape on the front and back to make flaps.

Here they are all packed up and are now on their way. Done!

With the crazy weather swings in the tour, many riders are getting sick. They have gone from 55 degrees and rain to 90 degrees! This poor fellow got bronchitis and ended up abandoning during the race because he couldn't breath. He is hanging on to his tour director or else he would hit the floor.

After I took the package to the FedEx drop off, I started working on more vests for Michael. It takes me 3 hours to make a vest if I am totally focused. I spent most of Saturday cutting the four remaining vests out. They are lined and the interfacing came on Friday so I cut those pieces out also. I got the red one done and the gray one done on Sunday while I watched the tour. So that is 3 out of the 5 vests done!

While I had the iron on this morning pressing my clothes for work so I pressed the interfacing on the fronts for the cream vest.

This week's plan is to make the cream vest tonight, the navy vest tomorrow night, Wednesday is quilt group, Thursday I will be helping my SIL cook for all the musicians coming in town for the Streetsboro Family Days. Rehearsal is Thursday at my brother's house so we need to feed everyone! Another brother of mine is coming in for the event too. Friday Michael plays at the Family Days so I will be working the merchandise booth. It is going to be a busy week!

Yesterday afternoon, Michael played at the Italian Fest. There was a big crowd

Here is the view I had from the merchandise booth

And here is the merchandise booth. The fellow in the picture came to see the band on Monday and was back again. He asked if he could sit in the shade. It was hot in the sun!

My man Peter Sagan is still collecting those green jerseys! Today is a rest day for them and me! It is a lot of work keeping up with the tour when I like to watch the entire broadcast to see all the little things that happen.

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