Friday, January 24, 2014

Blocks are sewn together

Next is the trimming and sewing the rows together. This top is going together quickly.

I may end up changing the orientation of this quilt to this

As I said yesterday, these are samples for my workshop and they will demonstrate different ways to cut the sewn together these double cut units. I have cut out another set of blocks using the same fabric, but the size of the cuts are different from the first quilt. The first quilt the pieces are very similar in size. This next quilt the pieces are thick and thin. Here are the first pieces laid out ready to sew together and the stacks of pieces for the rest of the blocks. I will get this put together this weekend and hopefully have both pin basted.

I have so many idea running thru my head I wish I had a "it's too cold so I can stay home day" like the schools. They have gone to school only 9 days this month and they are quickly running out of calamity days. Here is what the weather channel showed this morning

But look at the forecast - yes that is a -14 next Tuesday! It will be interesting to see if that really happens. I always say a weatherperson is the only job in the world where you can be wrong all the time and still have a job.

I did get a new iron. I was not getting along with my Oliso. The Oliso was great when it was new, but as time went on it just wasn't hot enough and the auto shut off (which is a feature I hate - I wish I could find an iron that didn't have that!) was turning off the iron constantly. I had a B&D digital advantage iron before and I really liked it. Lots of steam and it go nice and hot. They are not expensive so I got this one on ebay for a good deal. I plugged it in to press the blocks and it works great!

I am ready for the weekend. I plan on staying home all weekend in the studio. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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