Monday, October 7, 2013

Where have I been?

Well, last week was just crazy at work. I had a 3 hour meeting on Thursday and didn't get home to almost 6 p.m. The project I have been working on is still not done. There is a book we put together to present to the school board. I was told 6 weeks ago it had to be to the board by the 18th. Thursday the date was changed to the 11th. Poof!!! a whole week of review time gone. Let's say I am not happy. I am not into doing half-assed work, but that is all the time I have. I lose another day since I will be heading to Charm, Ohio on Friday the 11th to work at the quilt shop, so I have to have the book done and delivered on the 10th. Poof - another day gone!

I did work on the Halloween quilt this weekend. I got five blocks quilted and a lot of the zig zag border quilted.

Saturday I gave the Akron Art Museum 5 hours of my time to help out at an event. It was the Akron Art Prize announcement. Artists submitted their work and the public went to different galleries in town to see the work and vote on their favorite pieces. The winner got $5,000 and five runner ups got $1,000 each. There was food
And music

Sunday was the birthday party for the two little girls that I made the quilts for. They opened lots of presents. Here they are opening the quilts

But this is what they really loved - the mechanical cat and dog. When you rubbed their back, they walked.

So the girls were helping to carry last couple of bags of their loot out to the car and one of them turned to me and said "Where's my Yo Gabba Gabba quilt?" So I guess it did make an impression. They were quite overwhelmed with everything and what can you expect out of a three year old anyway?

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