Thursday, June 27, 2013

MQG meeting

Eva and Nancy hosted the group last evening and the topic of discussion was our influences. The 10 of us had a lively discussion! Eva and Nancy brought a big pile of books with subjects ranging from tile to design and of course quilts.

Here is what was shared for show and tell

Stephanie brought her Nancy Drew fabric, the quilt she had come over to my place and pin basted last month, and a top ready to quilt

Joanna brought a table runner. She had leftover circles from another project and used them to make this lovely runner.

I am so bad at remembering names, but this lovely lady made this quilt top for her son and then used the leftover solids to make a Patty inspired back. She used the technique I had demonstrated a couple months ago of improv slicing layers. I felt so honored and she gave me a high five! My high five back was for the great job she had done!

Here is another lovely top by another member. It is a baby quilt - one very large baby quilt - and she made it without anyone in mind. But low and behold someone in her family is having a baby boy and this quilt will be perfect!

I brought my June finishes - the pink pinwheel, both yellow and gray quilts, and the scrap Halloween quilt.

So next is the family xmas quilt. Here it is sitting next to the sewing machine ready for me to start quilting it. I won't be able to start tonight since I will be working at the art museum selling beverages.

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