Friday, June 21, 2013

Art museum and day 7 of the 365 project

Working at the museum last evening wasn't too bad. It wasn't hot and my mouth did not hurt. Here is the set up before the crowd came.

This is my beer, pop, water station. We kept busy enough, but were never overwhelmed.

This morning I feel terrible. I cannot close my teeth together they are so sensitive. Monday can't come soon enough! I am not sure I can even chew - I am afraid to try.

Today task for the 365 day project is to make a stencil and use it. Well, I cheated and used s stencil I had made awhile back - that was all the energy I could muster up this morning. I used the stencil more as a mask and then used a stamp pad to put marks on the celery stamped fabric.

I decided I needed to add something else so I got one of my round mini stamps and stamped dots.

I don't think I am done with the fabric yet. It needs something else. What? You'll have to check back to see!

Have a great weekend!


QuiltSwissy said...

I think those celery stamps are so intriguing! I may need to sacrifice a group of celery for the sake of art,....

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth pain. That's some of the worst. I hope relief will be swift. Wow - it's hard to sit with that kind of pain.