Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend progress on the tiling

I spent 17.25 hours tiling the bathroom Saturday and Sunday. I could have almost finished my tea towel quilt in that amount of time! Saturday I got a phone message from the mortage company asking me about the progress on the bathroom. I didn't hear the phone ring because I had the Motorhead cranking on the iPod and I was too busy TILING MY BATHROOM! I called my mortgage guy and told him I didn't have time to talk to Debbie so if she wanted to know what was going on she needed to read my blog. My schedule is posted there. I have never had so many people interested in this stupid bathroom! I missed going to see my nephew's band plan on Saturday because I HAD TO TILE MY BATHROOM! I sliced the heck out of my finger when I ran my hand across a sheet of installed tile on Saturday. One of the tiles was broken and I didn't see it. I cleaned and bandaged it and kept on working because I HAVE TO GET THE BATHROOM DONE!

The vanity wall finished



The pile of empty tile boxes and adhesive pail sitting the master bedroom. I moved out of this room and started sleeping downstairs in Peg's room because of the adhesive fumes.

Here is another $38.00 in plumbing supplies. I had a knowledgeable fellow at Home Depot that gather all the pieces and parts Mike and I will need to get the sinks hooked up tomorrow. I sure hope I have all the right parts so we don't have to waste time on a trip the the HD. I don't know that much about plumbing except it is a pain when it doesn't work so I was relying on Steve's expertise.

So tomorrow will be the last big push to get the fixtures, lights and switches installed. The schedule has been updated and changed slightly. I was thinking it would take me between 10 and 13 hours to finish the tiling. Grout is easier and quicker than tiling so I don't think this will impact the finish goal.

3/14 – Thursday – tiling
3/15 – Friday – work at the museum
3/16 – Saturday –
• Morning - sand and spot prime ceiling – while I had the primer out I primed the door jamb
• Install casing around door
• Tile
3/17 – Sunday
• Tile
3/18- Monday
• Pick up countertop after work
• Grout
• Paint trim on mirrors
3/19 – Tuesday
• Set vanity
• Set countertop
• Set sinks
• Set toilet
• Hook up sink faucets and shower faucets
Remaining items – Tuesday and/or Thursday
• Install switches
• Install sconces
• Install drawers – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on vanity – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on cabinet – last on list – not need for functionality
• final coat of paint on ceiling


QuiltSwissy said...

Love it, now the mortgage company follows your blog!!!!! Bath is looking fabulous. When it is all finished you will have such a sense of accomplishment. You will be snootying your nose at that mortgage company!


Vicki W said...

I absolutely love the tile you are using!

upstateLisa said...

Looking good!

BeckyK said...

Love the tile you are using!!! Do you make housecalls?!?!?!