Friday, March 1, 2013

MQG meeting and bathroom update

We have a great meeting and watched Angela Walter's lecture at QuiltCon on Crafty. After we had the pincushion exchange. Here are the pincushions. I made mine from the leftover made fabric from my tea towel quilt. We put the cushions in a bag, stuck out hand in the bag without looking and picked one. I won the lovely triangle shaped one made my Joanne which is filled with walnut fines. I love it! Thank you Joanne!

Next we had show and tell and here are the three quilts Baily finished and one by another lady whose name I cannot remember - sorry.

Thursday my brother, Mike, came over and we worked on the bathroom. I lost my battle with the underwriter and I have to finish the bathroom before they will close on the loan. I am so pissed I could just ..... They have managed to take all the joy out of doing and now it is just work. Just wait until the appraiser comes back - boy, are they going to get a piece of my mind!

Mike and I had to box in the soil stack. He did all the nailing and I did all the tool finding, helped him carry in materials from the garage, plugging in tools, keeping the work area clean, and made him homemade sweet rolls for breakfast.

Then we got the drywall up and then he added the corner bead and mudded it. While Mike mudded we discussed what supplies we needed to finish this job. I brought up my box of electrical and plumbing supplies and put the items we would need in a pile next the other stuff gathered for the bathroom. I made a list of items I didn't have for my next shopping trip. It is a pain when you don't have something. Like yesterday Mike went to mud and I didn't have enough dry wall paper tape. I couldn't believe it! We made a quick trip a mile down the road to Sherwin Williams and then we were back in business. Those trips add time to a job, so now with my list hopefully we avoid any more stoppages because we don't have materials.

Next we cut a hole in the cement board to add some blocking for a future glass panel for the shower. The guy that I had help me with the construction of the bathroom said I didn't need any extra blocking and refused to put it in. It was one lousy 2 x 4 so what was the big deal? Oh, well, Mike and I fixed it right and now the future door will be secure.

Mike wanted to add more blocking for the wall cabinet and showed me how to do it easier than how I added the piece and work around the electrical wires that ran up the 2 x 4 right next to where the cabinet will be installed. He is just so smart!

The last thing he did before he had to leave to pick up his son, Michael the guitar player, from school, was to install the ceiling vent/light. Ain't it purrty!?

After Mike left and I rested a bit (he really keeps me hopping), I decided to install the Ditra underlayment. I had to mix up a couple batches of the same stuff you use to install tile, spread the stuff on the floor, and then using a rubber float press the ditra into the mastic. Now the floor is ready for tile!

Just in case you are intested this is what my bedroom looks like with the toilet and all the materials for the bathroom. Mike made a joke when he put the toilet by the bed saying something like someday we all will need a toilet by the bed! We have a good time when we work!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I love all your pincushions, especially the birdie one!

Sorry about the loan company, I am pissed for you! When we were working on the rent house to flip it, we had so many people fail to qualify. It was right in the middle of that housing thing with countrywide. So now we still have it.

Your bathroom looks like it will be really nice though. Your bedroom looks like my quilt room! LOL