Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gathering pieces and parts

I thought I would go home last evening and install some tile, but I was too tired. I did go out to the garage and measure the vanity and transfered those measurements on the bathroom wall. The back of the vanity is solid so I don't want to waste of time or materials by tiling behind it. I did haul up the pieces and parts for the vanity and wall cabinet - doors, shelves, drawer boxes, and the bag of screws. My dad made this cabinet 4 years ago when he was 80-81 years old. He is now going to be 85 and there is no way he could do this now. He had gotten very feeble in the last few years. I am so glad I had him make it when I did.

Here is vanity that is still in the garage and lying on it's back. It is hard to see but there will be two drawers and then doors for the areas under the sinks. I bought those handles that are just a simple round bar. The countertop is suppose to be done late this week and if I work really hard this upcoming weekend, I think Mike and I can install the vanity next week. After that we will be very close to finishing.

Well, readers, only two more weeks and I can get back to the sewing machine! I have a lot of projects in my head and I am looking forward to getting started on them. Thanks for sticking with me during this bump in the road.

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QuiltSwissy said...

That vanity is incredible. Can't wait to see it all put in p,ace and gorgeous!

Wait till you see why I HAD to buy today.