Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Making labels

Now that the piano quilt is done and on it's way to CA, what is next on my agenda? I have four quilts that need labels. I had to do a little searching last evening to find my fabric stamp pad. After locating it, I was ready to get the labels made. I cut some scrap fabrics - 2 pieces of white and 2 pieces of cream - and pressed them onto freezer paper. I stamped each piece with my rubber stamp and then hand wrote the receipent's name, a date, and my name. The labels were then pressed and the raw edges folded under. I have the labels pinned on, but I was just too tired to do any sewing. I sew them on tonight and that will be a good job done!

Two of these quilts are for this weekend. One is for next week when I go to Charm to work at the quilt shop for two days. One of the ladies that works there is adopting a baby. The fourth quilt is for a couple that just had their second baby. I am going to have to make some baby quilts for my stash. I just don't have many to choose from right now. It is amazing how many baby quilts that I give away. I didn't think I knew that many people.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I know! So may people needing baby quilts. I am with you, I really didn't think I had such a great need for baby quilts!

PS - I hate to sew labels on......