Monday, July 30, 2012

What a weekend!

I managed to get the house is order before Peg showed up. We decided to tackle a Jane Sassaman quilt. I had some pictures from the recent giveaway for her new book and we just went from there. Here is the top taht we made out of a cone flower print.

All the patches had to be fussy cut and ended up on the bias. The pink and green inner border added some stability to the piece. I don't know how many yards of fabric we went thru, but it was a lot! We could only get three patches out of the width of the fabric. The flowers on the outside edge could not be used. We did end up using the leftover edge pieces for piecing together the backing. The top ended up 52" X 52". I am going to quilt this for Peg.

Sunday morning we finished the Jane Sassaman quilt and then Peg worked on some tote bags while I sewed more of my drum blocks. I need 7 more blocks.

We left the house about 6 p.m. to go and see my nephew's band play. This worked out great as we were both ready for a break and the venue was right beside the interstate. Peg stayed for the first set and then headed home. I went back to the stage and helped sell t-shirts and pack up after they were done. The crowd was wonderful and everyone seem to have a good time.

I was told that I was not allowed to miss anymore gigs because at Saturday's gig my sister-in-law was so busy selling t-shirts and fridge magnets that she could not keep up. She keep saying "Where's Patty? We need Patty!" At Saturday's gig the venue supplied and air conditioned trailer for dressing rooms, food, and drinks. Michael got to meet Nic Fortuna from the 60's band The Buckinghams. They had a long conversation about the 60's, recording, and touring. We have another fan turned volunteer for the band, Ed. My brother just can't take care of Michael's equipment and run the video camera so Ed is now going to the the camera. He is also another pair of hands to tear down and pack up after a show. The Michael Weber Show machine is rolling along! I didn't get to bed until 10 p.m. last night - which doesn't seem that late for some, but I get up at 5:30 a.m. and I am a bit tired today.

I am looking for a source for some good prices on African Dutch Wax fabrics. I am now committed to making a series of these quilts.

I can't reveal all the details yet about what is going on, but it is special! I just don't have the funds to go and buy pieces of lots of different prints - I like to use lots and lots of different prints. I am proposing that if anyone wants to contribute a 1/4 yard or more of one or more pieces of African Dutch Wax I will make sure that they get their name on a very special quilt made with this fabric and send them a picture of the quilt. I totally am out of blue fabric and my stash of light colors are next to none. If anyone knows a source where I could get remnants or at least really good prices on Dutch wax fabric please, please let me know. Thank you!


Exuberant Color said...

What size pieces are you using and do you really need a quarter yard of all the same or would variety (scraps) work too.

QuiltSwissy said...

What a great weekend! It is so wanderful your nephew got to meet Nic Fortuna. I am sure he gave him some great insight on making it big! I loved that band way back when. "Kind of a Drag" it was so long ago! LOL.

I love the way you fussy cut the flowers, it looks like applique. Fantastic.

Can't help with the Dutch Wax. I had never heard of them until you last quilt. THey are fabulous though. Wonder what the project will be!


upstateLisa said...

phew! you have been productive!

Jane Sassaman said...

I love to see the fabric put to such good use! How about using your Sassaman scraps for your drum quilts, too.
Jane S

patty a. said...

Jane, The fabric we made the quilt out of belonged to my friend and she took the scraps home. I plan on using my stash of your prints to make baby quilts for our company's charity Christmas project.