Monday, June 11, 2012

I Spy quilt almost done

I worked on the I Spy quilt between volunteering at the art museum and working in the yard. First the quilt. I had a lot of trouble with my thread breaking and this really slowed me down. I finally figured out after I was almost done that I think my tension was too tight. Oh well, I got the quilting done and sewed on the binding. I have one side of the binding almost hand sewn on.

Saturday night was the wine auction. THe proceeds go to the educational programs at the museum. The museum will pay for gas for the bus and a substitute teacher to help schools bring their students to the museum. The CEO said they were the first art museum in the country to do this. The center pieces were dramatic! Here is one of them on one of the silent auction tables.

My job was to check people in as they arrive and help spot bids at the live auction. Here is what was left of somebody's dessert. There was a chocolate cup filled with whipped cream and different pureed fruit in the little paint wells. I don't know what else they had to eat, but there was lots of wine! Tickets were $250.00 if you were a member and the place was packed!

I tried to do some weeding early Sunday morning (about 6:15 am), but the ground is like concrete! We have not had much rain at all. I did get the maddox out and dug a trench for my canna. I watered the trench first and then threw the rizomes in, covered them with dirt, and watered them in again. I threw a little fertilizer in too since I am getting these in a couple of weeks late. I am going to have to figure out a plan of some sort to deal with the weeds in the other beds. I weed wacked the yard in the evening, but I was too hot to mow. The yard looked better just with the weed wacking so I wasn't that concerned with the mowing. Here is one of the canna that had already started growing in the bucket it had been stored in since November. My sister-in-law had come over and dug up these for me after I came home from the hospital, I couldn't dig them up after I had surgery.

I took a picture of this same sprout this morning before I went to work to see if it had grown yet. I guess I was expecting a lot, but then it finally had a drink of water after all these months!

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