Friday, May 25, 2012

My project for this upcomming 3 day weekend

Last evening I mowed grass and saw that the iris were blooming. I had to hold this one up to take its picture. I will have to find something to prop them up - they are all falling over.

After mowing I patched a pair of jeans for a guy at work. The are his favorite pair. In exchange he will buy me lunch today! Shrimp lo mane or however you spell it!

I am still working on the binding tutorial. Kuddos to those bloggers that post a lot of tutorials. It is a lot of work to put one together!

I finally made up my mind what I was going to work on this weekend. I put the to do quilts in order of when I wanted to have them done and I would like to have this project done by June 6th. June 6th is the annual wine auction at the art museum and I am volunteering for the event. The blocks belong to the woman who is the event coordiantor so I will see her at the auction. Here are the blocks made by her Grandmother hanging on the design wall. There are a few blocks missing - they had some brown spots so they are soaking in Orvis.

I planning on doing a very traditional setting - I will be using my stash of vintage feedsack fabric for sashing and binding. I will probably use Kona snow for the border.

So do you have any sewing plans this weekend or are you going to just chill? Whatever you do have a safe and enjoyable three days!


Exuberant Color said...

That is a beautiful iris!

Some of the vintage colletors use Biz to soak the linens in. Some brown spots will never come out but it's worth a try.

QuiltSwissy said...

YOur vintage stuff looks fabulous. I thought I didn't like that type of fabric until I won a lotto with 28 blocks of 30's and fell in love.

glen: one never knows what fabric one will have to have next......

upstateLisa said...

beautiful iris... bon appetit!