Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The first looking foward to package has arrived.

Peg (Margaret) called me last night to tell me she was tickeled with the first something to look forward package. It came from Mike from N.J. and she thanks Mike very much. Peg was describing to me what he had sent - there were scraps of fabric running from Dorothy's shoes to corn. She said she was having a lot of fun looking at all the different prints and seeing fabrics she had never seen before.

I still don't have the turquoise and brown quilt quilted. I only have such a little bit to go. I do have binding already cut out for this quilt so that's a good thing.

You can see easier on the back how much I have left to quilt.

I spent last evening weed wacking and mowing. I ran out of time and light so I couldn't mow the back which has turned into a hayfield! The grass it really tall! I have not mowed the back yet this year and it is a mess, but look how nice the front looks!


QuiltSwissy said...

We mowed yesterday (not for the first time though), but clipped the bushes for the fist time.

Your front looks good, I will be mailing my package off tomorrow!

glen: as excited as Peg will be!

Mike Pearson said...

Cool! :)

Mike Pearson said...

I put Dorothy shoes in all my quilts on the back :) I'm from Kansas and a big Oz fan, so it's like having a little bit of me :)