Monday, April 9, 2012

Linen piece almost done and what a race!

I only have 9 patches left to quilt on the linen piece. I could have gotten it done if I hadn't spent 3 1/2 cleaning up the garage on Saturday. I was going thru boxes and getting rid of stuff. Much of the stuff on the shelves are boxes of baseball cards and other misc items that belong to my son. I found a few more items for the garage sale that my neighbor is going to have this spring. I will be glad to get rid of this stuff and have the open space.
Here is the linen piece

And here is the back

Sunday was Paris Roubaix which is a one day race - 180 mile with 32 miles over cobblestone paths and a finish in the Vela drone. Here is the crash that made a gap between the riders. Can you see the rider on the right side headed to the floor?

The Easter bunny was at the race

Here is where the race ends at the Vela drone

Here is Tom Boonen (another one of my favorite riders) at the end of the race on the Vela drone. This is the fourth time he has won this race.

His prize? Well he gets a trophy with a cobblestone! The thing weights like 30 pounds! The third place rider from BMC in the red and black kit just had to touch Tom's trophy. Check out those legs on Tom!

The easter bunny also visited me. He was sitting in my front yard late yesterday afternoon and posed for me.


Charlene S said...

Love the legs! The bunny was cute too.

QuiltSwissy said...

The quilting is awesome. When I grow up I want to be like you quilting!

Boy, that Easter bunny sure gets around, doesn't he!