Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend plans

Last night I decided to sew the rows together on the wool quilt. I still add on to the sides or the lenght once I get the measurements from my brother. Once I got the top done I was suprised at the weight. Even as lightweight as most of these wools were the whole top together is heavier than if it were made with cotton.

This afternoon I am headed to Dover to go to a wake for my friend's husband who died January 2. We are suppose to record a funny story about something Russell did. I haven't got mine done yet!

I need to get labels on all these quilts. They are all going to babies born to co-workers. I will be at the main office next week participating in the chili cookoff to raise money for the AmVets so I will see many of the new parents. I have 3 boy and 3 girl quilts here. I haven't figured out exactly what I need, but this is at least a good start.

Saturday my nephew's band, Retro, is in a battle of the bands. The event starts at 3 and ends at 10. Retro plays at 5, so I don't know how long I will stay. I plan on taking knitting and a book just in case I stay for the duration.

Sunday will be about relaxing and doing some regrouping. I need to gather up all the blocks I have in different places around the house for baby quilts. There are blocks in the fabric storage room, in closet inPeg's room and in my studio. I am going to have to replenish my stash of baby quilts after the big giveaway next week. If the weather is decent I may try to get some yard work done also.

Have a great weekend!

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