Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow today

We have not had much snow this year, but it snowed yesterday and is still snowing today. Better on a Monday than on the weekend.

I worked on making labels for all the baby quilts I had to get ready to give away.

The quilts are all labled and ready to be handed out.

Most of Saturday was sitting over at a local high school watching the battle of the band my nephew's band was in. There were 14 bands plus a couple other acts performing. I got there at 3 pm and left at 10. It was a long day. I took my knitting so I could at least not waste the whole day. My nephew's band came in second in the youth catagory one point behind the band that won which were all high school kids. Michael is 14 and in the 8th grade. Michael did win a backpack that was raffeled off.

Sunday I spent the day doing a little of this and a little of that. I needed to clean out my backpack, sort out my stuff from my brother's mail so I could see what needed taken care of. I watched two bike races - the first stage of Paris-Nice and a one day race in Italy. During commercials I went around gathering up blocks for baby quilts that were all over the place.

At the lower left are patches for another I Spy quilt, green and brown pieces that needs sewed together, brown, pink and white pieces for a whirley gig quilt, red, cream and blue for a simple rail fence, and the back row are blocks for scrappy zig zag blocks. The box of fabric is scraps that need to be made into zig zag blocks. I would say I found something to do!

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Charlene S said...

I think you did indeed.