Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little progress, some planning

I was so tired when I got home yesterday that I didn't do much. I was on my feet all day filing and putting books together in a pair of shoes that are not the standing on your feet all day shoes if you know what I mean. I do realize though I need to get working on my stamina or I will never make it thru two days on my feet working at Miller's Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio for the anniversary sale in May. Yesterday was a wake up call now I just have to work on a plan. I have seven weeks to get myself together.

I did get a couple of rows sewn together on one of the green and brown quilt tops. I forgot my camera at work so I will post an update tomorow.

In the meantime I hung a different piece at work since everyone was tired of the Cheetos piece. After I made this piece I thought it was too plain so I splattered painted it after it was quilted and bound.

Here is yesterday's sunrise I forgot to post. Today it is raining so nothing but gray out there.

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