Monday, March 12, 2012

Crazy weekend

Friday afternoon Momma duck was walking around in front of the office. We are still not sure if she has a nest in the junipers or not.

Then it was onward to the museum. The was a good crowd, lots of beer, and lots food. There were pulled pork sliders, goat cheese, pierogies, olives stuff with cheese and baked, 10 flavors of popcorn, and sausage sandwiches. Here are the stuff olives.

Saturday I ran to the grocery store and then worked on the I Spy quilt the rest of the day. Here is the top done. I had enough of that yellow fabric for the border - yeah! It turned out 56" x 70".

Sunday I decided to work on the brown and green blocks that I found last weekend when I was gathering blocks up.

I chained pieced 79 blocks! I had no idea how many were in the pile to be constructed. I just had cut out pieces. After the blocks are sew together and the tops and assembled, if I need a couple more blocks I will just cut what I need them.

So with 79 blocks I will be able to get four baby quilt tops with just making one additional block. Here are two laid out on the design wall ready to sew together.

These are the rest of the blocks. Some still need trimmed.

It was nice and warm Sunday afternoon so I went outside and attacked one of the flower beds. I cut down the ornamental grass, pulled the weeds, cleaned up the rest of the dead cannas left from last fall, and raked the leaves. I hauled out four big wheelbarrows of debris that went into the compost pile. It took me 2 1/2 hours to clean out this bed. I have four more flower beds to go. If it stays nice this week I think I will spend some time after work cleaning them up to get a head start on the season.


I threw in some California poppy seeds to add a bit of early color to the bed. Here are the daffodils ready to bloom. It is suppose to be warm this week so maybe they will bloom.

I didn't know the time changed this weekend. I finally figured it out at 6 p.m. the old time!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I do love those brown baby quilts! I am really into squares these days.

glen: a friend of mine was 1 hour late for the ball game on sunday, hmmmm.