Monday, March 26, 2012

Another project and an update on the linen piece

My blogging buddy, Glen of, was having a little blog get together for using up scraps by making a zig zag quilt. I decided to join in since I had nothing else going on (ha,ha!). I went thru the patches I had already made - I checked with Glen, this was not cheating - and ended up going thru my scraps to find fabric to make a few more blocks for this piece. I was going for a low volume look. So here is my top done. You will also see that the background white is not all the same white. I have a combo of white and snow white. I just pulled the scraps of whites I had left and used them.

When I was looking thru the scraps for the zig zag quilt I found two pieces of the french linen in yellow. They were the end pieces from the binding. What a score! See there was a reason I decided to join Glen for this challenge! If I had not have joined, I would not have found these two pieces of yellow linen! Here is the linen piece so far. The next picture I pulled the sections apart from each other so you could see easier what was sewn together and what still needed sewn.

Here is the pile of scraps that are still left. Whatever I don't use in this piece I will use up making some pin cushions. I am trying to use every bit possible. Now that I think about it I should have saved the small slivers of trimming for stuffing the pincushions. Oh well, too late for that.

I did get the front yard weed wacked and mowed between the rain drops. I started weeding the big flower bed last evening. The grass that has grown into the bed is a bigger pain to get out than the weeds. In fact there were not that many weeds, just leaves, dead stuff from last year, and lost of stubborn grass. I am going to have to get the pitch fork out to losen up the ground - the hand trowel is just not doing it.


Charlene S said...

Glenda did have a great idea! Your linen piece is beautiful.

DanaJ said...

Diggin' the Low Volume!

Janet said...

I love all your amazing improv work. Fabulous!