Thursday, September 29, 2011

What is next on the agenda

Last evening I mowed for an hour and then had to get out the week wacker to finish cutting down the grass in the backyard. Yes, it was that long and gotten completely out of hand. My little 18" Toro mower was struggling and was not going to able to get thru that mess, so the weed wacker was my only choice unless I could have gotten my hands on a couple of sheep! I will let the mounds of grass dry for a couple of day and then go out and rake it up.

Tonight's project is a little girls dress for a wedding. I have to take it up at the shoulders. Of course the width of the front is narrower than the back, so on the way to work I devised a plan in my head on how I am going to attack this.

My plan is after it is taken apart I will shorten the strap on the fabric and the lining and recut the curve at the neckline. I can machine sew the lining and fabric at the neck, but I am going to have to sew the fabric and lining at the the armhole by hand. I figure it is going to take me at least a couple of hours to do this. I taped the last hour of the X Factor and Property Brothers so I will watch that while I fix this dress. Then I still have the mother dress to fix. I promised them to be done Oct. 1 and I think that is going to happen! The wedding is not until the 8th so we're in good shape!

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