Friday, September 2, 2011

Need help/giveaway, a shout out to Brandon, and e-bay posting

After sewing the novelty patches onto the Kona strips I realize I do not have enought novelty prints for two quilts. SO, I am having a giveaway. There will be two prizes! If you are interested in sending me a few patches at least 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" and you will have a chance to win a bundle of four fat quarters of my hand dyed fabric in either a gradient of pink, yellow or purple.
I will also giveaway another bundle to the person who sends me the most unique, strange, odd, weird, offensive?, or bizarre fabric. I like strange so suprise me! Leave a comment and E-mail me at pattynubs at gmail dot com and I will send you my address. I won't have computer access Saturday, Sunday, or Monday so if you leave me a message, I will respond to it on Tuesday.

I have to give a shout out to Brandon at the Apple store in Fairlawn, Ohio. I was in the store last evening with my son who needed to get his iPhone looked at and purchase a computer. While my son was getting his phone checked out, I was hanging out by the iPads wondering to myself "What is the deal with these. Why would anybody want one? What is all the hoopla about?" Well Brandon came up to me and we got talking. Next thing I know we fired up one of those iPads to look up the Walter Tool site so see if the Fein Multimasters were still on sale - we were talking about home improvement projects. Next we went to my blog so I could show him the windows I trimmed out - he thought I did a good job. Then the conversation led to quilting and he said he has some t-shirts that his wife doesn't like him to wear because they have holes, but he can't get rid of them. I said "T-shirt quilt". So I maybe making Brandon a quilt. I gave him my blog address, so if you are reading this - Hello Brandon and the iPads are pretty darn cool!

I am going to post these books on e-bay today Yvonne Porcella Magical Four and Nine Patch Quilts, Dye it! Paint it! Quilt it! by Joyce Mori, and Hand dyed Fabric made Easy. The item number is 330609320700 if you are interested.

Yeah, it is Friday and I have a three day weekend. My plans are to work on the I Spy quilts, get to some of those pesky alterations, remodel some draperies for a family member, and complete the final touches on the bedroom re-do so that I can have the giveaway on Tuesday to celebrate the 95% completion of the room. I hope it is not too hot this weekend so that I can get some weeding done and maybe get to gathering more stuff for the garage sale. I am having company tonight and Saturday I will go watch my nephew's band play at an outdoor festival, but the rest of the time I will need to stay home and work. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Vicki W said...

Oh darn, I just gave away ALL of my novelty prints to a woman who makes lots of charity quilts. Sorry!

QuiltSwissy said...

I have novelty prints for you. LOL. All you had to do was ask!

I love love love love love my iPad. I am not an Apple fan but this is by far my favorite device. I do not have a fancy phone, it texts and rings that's it. But I love my iPad more than my PC and my laptop combined. And I use it more than the other two combined!

Iwill be collecting novelties this morning for you!

glen: right after I kill a smelly basset

Janet said...

Hi Patty, I will send you some blocks. Would you please just let me know if you are looking for all over novelties cut at random, or centered novelties in a block, or either.