Monday, September 19, 2011

I Spy quilts progress, the next house project, giveaway winner

I had a crazy busy weekend. I tried real hard not to waste any time.
Here are the backs of the I Spy quilts.

I drew lines on the fabric with a Sharpie like school paper and then stamped the numbers 0 thru 59 using fabric paint.

Here I stamped using fabric inks some basic colors and then with the fabric paint I stamped the alphabet. I did goof and print a couple letters backward so I just X then out and stamped the letter correctly. What the heck, I wasn't going to start over and it is a lesson that life is not perfect - make lemonade out of those lemons!

I decided the next room I am going to finish is my fabric storage room where I sleep. So the first thing was to move the five shelving units and all the fabric. Gosh fabric is heavy! I decided to tackle the job one shelving unit at a time. My system was to take every thing off the shelf unit, place it on the bed, and sort into piles as I went. After I move the shelf to it temporary location, I moved the pile of fabric back onto the shelves. There was a lot of going back and forth between the fabric storage room and the temporary storage area when I would find fabric that needed to go on a particular pile already moved. I worked for hours and hours on Saturday sorting and moving all the fabric and moving the other decorative items that were displayed in this room.

You may ask "Where are you storing your stash for the time being?" Well, hold on to your hats - I moved it next door into the bedroom I just re-did!

The fabric storage room will not take as long to re-do as the bedroom I just did. The closet and the electrical are already done and so is the floor although I may have to do some fixing up on the floor - I get into that later. But the room is cleared out and ready for finishing. So did I find any suprises? Not really, but there were some spools of quilting thread that were under the shelving units and I found a bunch of strips of Kona snow I had cut for zig zag blocks.

As I was moving I came across the PITT fabric I wanted to make a pillowcase for my dentist out of. My dentist was on a National Championship team 30 some years ago. He is not a very big guy so looking at him you would never know he played college football. I went ahead and make the pillowcase so it is ready to give next month at my next appointment.

I went ahead and made the second set of tie back for the drapes.

8:30 Saturday morning Bubba and Mom were in the front yard munching on my lovely weeds

Here is Mom stomping her feet at me and giving me the evil eye. You can just see Bubba in the middle of the bed

I did pull some weeds this weekend and tore out a barberry bush, but the bed in which Bubba was standing did not get done. It is one heck of a mess!

The giveaway winner of the gray and yellow fat quarters is Marie from North Carolina. Marie send me an email with your address and I will get your fabric in the mail this week. The next giveaway will happen when I get the fabric storage room/bedroom done so keep tuned and get ready for another crazy ride!

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Janet said...

Patty, I so hope you have received the blocks I sent you. It is feeling like I mailed them a long time ago now....