Thursday, July 7, 2011

Progress on the quilt, a win, and the TdF update

I sewed together and trimmed the bottom two rows last evening. I then rearranged the strips so I could get a better idea of the porportions. I needed to add a few more pieces to the dark and light stripes. These pictures are on the dark side.
Here I have pinned up pieces that I will sew at the ends of the rows. I have the 7 rows of stripes in the upper right side already sewn together so I will have to do a little ripping. Overall I like the look of it better with the added width of the piece. The finish size will be approx. 78" x 96".

Bubba and mom Wednesday evening

I won these two charm packs from One is xmas fabric and they are both beautiful!
The boys had a rough go of it yesterday. Lots of crashes with the high winds and narrow roads. I just hate seeing the riders get injured. They work so hard to get in the kind of physical shape that is needed for this race and it can all be over in the blink of an eye. This is Janez Brajkovic from team RadioShack. Look at his hip right above the 54.0 MI label - his shorts are black in color so then you see his skin and that pink area is minus skin OUCH! He also had a severe head wound, skinned up elbow, broken collarbone, and a concussion. He was off to hospital and is out of the tour.
This is Tom Boonen. See the dark area above the 122 tv graphic? That is a severe bleeding contusion. He also scraped up his elbow and appeared to have hurt his shoulder. The race doctor gave him cooling spray for the pain on his hip and Tom managed to finish the stage. I am guessing he went to hospital after the race to have his shoulder checked out to make sure he did break his collarbone.

There was another rider that had to leave the race due to a broken collarbone and there will be many riders trying to get themselves patched up for Stage 6.
Congratulation to Mark Cavandish for the stage 5 win and to Thor who is still in the maillot jaune.
Just so you know, the quality of the pictures are not great - I take them while I am watching my VCR taped version of the race.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Cool about the racers, not that they are hurt but that the play by play is something I have never heard before from anyone.

Turkey meatballs were a guarded success. I made the sandwich with cheese,. I think I baked them too long and they were dry. I will break uo some tomorrow and put them in a brown gravy over that potato I found in the fridge drawer.

Thanks for the recipe!