Monday, June 27, 2011

9th finish of 2011 - T-shirt quilt

I worked on this quilt on Saturday and Sunday and it is done. I even have the hanging sleeve attached.

What a busy weekend.
Friday night I was off to see the nephew play. He had turned The Michael Weber Show from a solo act to a three piece with the addition of a bass and drummer. They did a great job and rocked the crowd!

Saturday afternoon after I was done with going to the Home Depot for supplies, the grocery store and picking up my brother's mail, I spent some time checking the outside and foundation for where the mouse might had gotten in. The entry slab a the front door has settled away from the house and this is right where the steps are located so I thought this would be the best place to start. I dug out on both sides of the concrete.
Here are all the tools and cement caulk I thought I would need. I ended up needing a few more items.

Shoving in the backer rod.
Caulking the joints
I smoothed the caulk with a 5 in 1 tool and here is the finished product.
I decided to check the entire foundation while I was at it and found this:
and this (this is an after I filled in the crack picture. Now the cement block you see to the right is a set of steps that will be ripped out when I put the new deck on next year)
I ended up using 5 tubes of cement caulk and I was still not done. I ended up going back to the HD on Sunday and picking up more backer rod, cement caulk, and vinyl cement patch for horizontal surfaces. Over the 4th of July weekend I plan on going along the interior of the garage slab and sealing up any cracks from the inside also so that means a brutal cleanout of the garage. By brutal I mean really getting rid of stuff. I am hoping sealing up the foundation will also cut back on the bugs that get inside. I had filled the cracks in the foundation after I moved into this place, but I hadn't done any follow up on it. I guess the mouse was a sign that this job needed done.

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Britta said...

Great t-shirt quilt!