Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hatching a plan

The snow we recieved on Sunday melted off in the grassy areas so I knew I needed to do something about the daylilies. I found some mesh at a local discount store and I think it will work great in preventing the deer from eating the dayliiies while they are first coming out of the ground. This mesh will make it so I don't have to cover and uncover them all the time and yet the rain snd sunshine still get thru to the plants. I cut the mesh longer than I needed it to allow for growth and staked it down with wire coat hanger and rocks. The garden was like walking on a sponge - very squishy - but the daylilies are now covered.

As they grow I will adjust the mesh. Once the daylillies get to be a foot high I can remove the mesh until the flower head start to come. Then I will have to cover the plants again because the deer will eat the flowers.

I had one of my clients/neighbors pick up her pants last evening and bring me a jacket that the sleeves need shorten. I thouhgt I was making progress.

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