Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No sewing but ...

I did some odds and ends last evening. One of those was sealing up the fireplace opening. I have not had the fireplace inspected since I bought this house and with the way the former owners did not believe in taking care of anything I can imagine the fireplace was never cleaned. At least the warm air won't be sucked out the chimney now.

I cut these hook and loop strips. For what you might ask?

The strips are to make these cord holders. I think I have posted about these before. My brother uses them for all the electrical cords and mic cords for his son's band.

See how they contain a cord? Cool hun? The drummer's father takes care of the sound equipment at his church and wanted some of these for their cords. I didn't want to forget about this, so I will have them made for the next time I see my brother and he can pass them along. Besides I found the rolls of hook and loop tape when I removed all the stuff I had stored in the fireplace and that reminded me about this task.

We are suppose to get pounded with snow this afternoon, but I am taking the wait and see attitude. A weatherperson is the only job where you can be wrong all the time and still have a job!

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