Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby is broken

Poor baby needs some work. The shop called and she needs a new strut assembly on the driver side rear, all the stablizers need replaced, and the fuel tank neck has a crack. The cost - $1,142.00. Baby had been paid off for years so $1,142 is equal to about 3 car payments so I figure I am still ahead of the game. I won't get it back until Friday because they had to order several parts. My sister-in-law picked me up this morning and I think my brother will pick me up after work. I would walk or take my bike, but the weather is rainy and windy and then you never know when you might get mugged in this town. I say it is a good time to clean out the garage since I don't have the car in the way. Humm? I may have to do than either tonight or tomorrow evening.

I decided to take the leftover pieced fabric from "Thor" and make some small mounted pieces like the orange and blue ones. Here they are just cut up and ready for sewing on my design wall. I would like to have a lot of these smaller 9" x 12" pieces to sell to people would could not afford to buy a larger piece. I was thinking about selling them for $40.00. Too cheap? Too expensive?

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Vicki W said...

$40 is NOT too cheap! How much time do you have in them?

Bummer about your car. Mine is old too but I'm still in the "repairs are cheaper than payments" category.