Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage Pearl cotton

I have this box of vintage pearl cotton that I got with some other sewing items at an auction years ago. I have been debating whether to use it or not. As you can see the box is in excellent shape and the pearl cotton is mostly arranged the way it was put in the box when it was manufactured. Is there someone out there who collects vintage sewing items and would love to get their hands on this? Do I dye it and use it in a quilt that is in the works?


Janet said...

If I had that I'd dye it and use it on a quilt. If you want to share I'd love a couple of skeins. And the box is probably museum fodder, unless you have a collection. I have some very old labels from bias tape that came from my husband's grandmother. They are very cool.

Anonymous said...

im inlove with it*