Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorting out and new shoes

I spent most of my evening last night sorting thru piles of paper looking for a quilt block patten I swear I have somewhere for a block that looks like a Hawaiian shirt. I did recycle a bunch of papers, but here is the pile of papers I need to sort and put in a binder. It is a pile of inspiration and ideas. I have never gotten the house straightened out after my big remodeling project on the bathrooms last year and I can't stand it anymore especially when I can't find something. It is time to start cleaning and sorting this place out! These papers will be a good lunchtime project.

Here are my new shoes. Aren't they beautiful?! I have alway wanted a pair of Cole Hann shoes and since my old black heels don't fit anymore (my feet have gotten bigger again!) I needed a new pair. I did get them on sale from Zappos. I needed them for a wedding next month.


Vicki W said...

When I could still wear heels I developed a neuroma. The pain was KILLING me and someone recommended that I try Ferragamo shoes. After I got over choking over the price, I finally bought 1 black pair. OMG. There's isn't a more comfy shoe made than Ferragamo. I just got used to having a lot less different shoes and my feet were so happy.

Exuberant Color said...

I have a lot of stacks too and I need to spend a week organizing. I can feel your pain when you can't find what you are looking for.