Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is wrong with my iPod?

The before

The after/during


Sunday I spent 5 1/2 hours working on the center flower bed. What a mess. The grass went nuts over winter and I needed to reset the black rubber edging. I was listening to my iPod as I worked. As I was digging toward the back of the bed I heard EEE! EEE! EEE! as I dug. I thought "What the heck is wrong with my iPod?" The noise stopped and I kept on pulling weeds and grass. Then I heard it again EE! EEE! EEE! What the heck? I bent down to pull a bunch of debris from the base of some Maiden Grass and there was a nest of 5 newborn bunnies! I guess I was getting a little to close and they were trying to let me know. Thank goodness I didn't kill them with the shovel! So now I will have to work around them and get what I can done, then finish the rest once they leave the nest. The bunnies are located at the base of the Maiden grass in the after picture at the upper left hand corner of the oval center bed.


Jackie said...

How cute!! Yes, so glad that your shovel didn't get a little too close. One year we had the same thing happen to us. Although the bunnies were just a little older.

Vicki W said...

Chris had bunnies in his vegetable garden last year - they loved it there!

Leeanne said...

Thank goodness you didn't keep thinking it was your ipod!! Cute aren't they?