Monday, May 24, 2010

Made some progress

I quilted for 10 hours on Sunday on the Millennium quilt. I turned it over so you could see the quilting on the back. I ran thru 25 bobbins and got approx. 26.5 square feet done. At that rate I figure I will need another 20 to 22 hours to finish quilting remaining 53 square feet. I got the backing washed and the batting cut for the green and turquoise squares quilt and now I have enought safety pins from the Millennium quilt, I can start getting the next quilt pinned and ready for quilting. I am going to have a quilting buddy come and visit for a couple of days over Memorial weekend. She wants to use my design wall for a project and I plan on machine quilting the whole time.

Last evening I decided to set up my miter saw and attack the pile shown in the next picture.

So this is the pile of trash left from the bathroom remodel project last summer/fall. I just had not gotten around to finish cleaning up this - too many other more important things to do. Much of this would not fit in the trash bins so I cut up enough to fill two 96 gallon trash bins last night. Much of the rest I will be hauling down to a neighbors house who is having a large trash pick up this week. I will be so glad to have this cleaned up. More good news - I still have all ten fingers!

Here is the after pile.

Look how the canna have sprouted up! With all the rain and finally warmer nights they have really taken off.

Congratulations to Michael Rogers for winning the tour of California! After the killer stage on Friday it is a wonder any of the bikers had the strength to even finish this race. Levi was third, but only 25 seconds behind the winner. Great job Levi!


Leeanne said...

Wow that is on long run at quilting.Do you have a longarm machine?

XUE said...

You sure are busy with quilting, gardening & sawing !!! The quilting looks amazing!