Monday, April 5, 2010

A little sewing, a lot of gardening

I did finish hand sewing the binding on this quilt! Yeah, one more done!

This big gardening project has come about for several reasons - had to rip apart the bed next to the street, wanting to grow some potatoes (there is not enought sun in the back for a garden), I needed to transplant the pine trees, and rearranging everything for the arrival of the Helleborus plants. Helleborus or Lenten Roses are poisonous to deer. From what I have read, the deer won't eat anything planted around Helleborus for fear of eating some. Well, I am going to test out this theory and see if it is true. I have 30 one year old plant coming this week that need to get into the ground so I have got to get the beds in shape quickly!

Here is the center bed in the front yard. What a mess! You can see three of the four pine trees in this picture that I should have transplanted 3 years ago. They are 3.5' to 4' tall. After they are moved, I want to move all the daylillies to the front of the bed with the coral bells and daffodils. Then toward the back I want to plant a small bed with endive and potatoes. I will have to put fencing around it to keep the deer out until my Helleborus get big enough that the deer won't come near anything.

Here are the trees in there new location.

Tonight I have 5 yards of Sweet Peet coming so you know what I will be doing this evening!

Congratulations to Fabian Cancellara for winning the Tour of Belgium! Paris Roubrix next!

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Vicki W said...

You are very busy!