Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Helleborus have landed!

Here are the Helleborus. I ordered these from I received 30 one year old plants and the one mature plant was a free bonus. Thank you Sky!

Since I had plenty of room in this bed, I plant 12 of the 30 one year old plants here. I will be transplanting them again as soon as I get the other beds redone. I also planted some in the back yard bed. I want to see if they do better in the front which get south/southwest sun or in the back which is shady and get north/northeast sun. I planted the mature plant - I guessing 3 years old - in the back - I did not want to fry it in the hot sun in case Helleborus don't do well in the heat.

Here is an up close pic of a one year old Helleborus. They all had very nice root systems. I water the heck out of them. I sure hope get the rain the weather people are predicting. We have not had any significant rain for weeks.

Here is the ratty looking flower bed in the backyard. I raked it enough so that I could plant the rest of the Helleborus. I couldn't take an after picture because it was too dark by the time I got them planted. This bed needs a lot of work so after I get it cleaned up and top it with the Sweet Peet, I will post a photo.

I managed to boil the milk and get it batching overnight between the yard work and two loads of laundry, so that I could drain the yogurt this morning. Here it is before I scrap it off the towel and have some for lunch today.

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