Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feedsack fabric and the Helleborus week 3

I didn't work on the Millennium quilt last night. My neighbor was mowing last night so I went over to ask if I could borrow his mower and at least mow the grass in the front of my place. My mower is in the shop and I will not get it back until next week. His mower is bigger than mine and much heavier. It was like wrestling a bear! I thought my arms would be pulled out of their sockets! On top of that yesterday afternoon I felt a cold coming on big time. I had one horrible nights sleep last night - runny nose and a sore throat. I kept snoring and waking myself up! I feel better right now - I took a couple of Excedrin.

A big shout out to everyone who is sending me scraps for my Millennium quilt! Besides putting everyone's name in a drawing I will be having for those who sent me scraps, I plan on putting everyone's name who helped me out on the quilt's label. I want to always remember the generosity of all those who took the time to make this UFO into a finished quilt. You all ROCK!

Angela over at http://mythreesonsknit.blogspot.com was asking if I wanted some feedsack scraps for my Millennium quilt. Of course, I said yes and that I had some feedsacks and I would post a picture of my small stash today. I was in a hurry when I took this - can you tell! LOL!!

Here is the same Helleborus I have been taking a weekly picture of to show it progress and that I have not killed it! It has grown a little since last week even though it has been cold for the last couple of nights. The mature plant that was the bonus plant that was sent to me is looking really great! I will have to get a picture of it tonight.

I almost forgot - I won Cherri House's new book City Quilts over at Pat Sloan's blog! It will be coming from the publisher sometime in May. Thank you Pat and Cherri House!

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upstateLisa said...

oh you are a lucky girl! I listened to that interview and was wanting the book. Glad it went to someone i 'know'.